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Durkopp sewing machine: features, models, spare parts prices

Durkopp Adler is a guarantee of absolute quality and reliability: discover the models and original spare parts for industrial sewing machines that you can find at Fitex!

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With over a century and a half of history in the textile machinery industry, the Durkopp Adler brand represents a guarantee of absolute quality and extraordinary reliability.

Founded in Bielefeld in 1860 by the German entrepreneur Nikolaus Ferdinand Robert Dürrkopp, the company has always stood out for its technologically cutting-edge, long-lasting and high-performance sewing machines. An entrepreneurial philosophy that has remained unchanged to this day.

Features of a Durkopp sewing machine

Durkopp Adler currently continues to maintain high quality standards and one of the most developed technological equipment on the market. Added to this is the great versatility of the commercial proposal: the range of products offered is able to satisfy any need in the field of industrial sewing, from tailoring to leather goods, up to automotive and sailmaking.

Durkopp Adler offers numerous high-performance solutions that differ from each other based on the type of work required. The range includes machines capable of carrying out basic cutting and sewing operations, those with multiple needles for chain stitch, for zig-zag sewing, other specific models for heavy fabrics, up to real platforms hi-tech for industrial sewing.

What are the main models of Durkopp machines?

Durkopp Adler offers a wide range of models and an enormous range of possibilities, capable of satisfying different sewing needs. It is possible to divide Durkopp sewing machine models based on technical characteristics, intended use and technological equipment.

Flatbed machines for basic sewing operations

Robust, reliable and long-lasting, this type of machine is particularly suitable for crafts; however, they contemplate the possibility of adding automatic functions for use in industrial production.

This category includes the single-needle cylindrical arm models for sewing light and medium-heavy materials (Durkopp Adler 69 and 669) and medium-heavy weight fabrics (Durkopp Adler 269), flat lockstitch machines for light applications and medium-heavy (Durkopp Adler 1727 and 1767), very flexible and configurable according to individual needs.

The Durkopp Adler 267, on the other hand, is the single needle lockstitch flatbed machine perfect for sewing medium weight materials with an excellent final result.

Flat chain stitch and double stitching machines

Efficient, precise and fast, they are sewing machines that allow double stitching on medium-heavy fabrics. They are particularly suitable for finishing hems and pockets of trousers and jackets, but also for applications in the field of home upholstery and car upholstery. The Durkopp Adler 195 sewing machine is the main model of this class of sewing machines: it comes in 1, 2 or 3 needle variants and includes the automatic thread trimmer and edge trimmer among the accessories.

Flat machines for zigzag stitching

These sewing machine models are characterized by flexibility and versatility, proving perfect for stitching leather, medium-heavy fabrics, synthetics and ornamental stitching. For example, the Durkopp Adler flatbed zigzag lockstitch and bottom feed machines are really very simple to use, reliable and full of accessories, aspects that make them among the favorites on the market (Durkopp Adler 523i / 524i / 525i / 525i-75).

H-Type, an excellence for the heavy sewing industry

With the H-Type series, of which the Durkopp Adler 967 model is the best known and most appreciated flagship, the German company has enormously raised the standards of quality, productivity and efficiency in the field of heavy sewing. These are strong and robust in-line machines, which are characterized by an excellent stitch design (up to 15mm per single stitch) and increasingly narrower stitches even in the presence of extremely thick threads (up to Nm 5/3).

The integrated motor, which includes the DAC CLASSIC control panel and the one for electronic needle positioning (OP 1000), guarantees very rapid material advancement (1,250 stitches/min) and great penetration force. Features which, combined with the lifting of the presser foot up to 30mm, ensure flawless sewing even on very thick pieces.

M-Type and latest generation modular digital platforms

Starting from the M-Type series, evolution of the H-Type with the addition of customizable elements for 2D and 3D applications for the production of car seats, trendy upholstery, quality leather goods or technical fabrics subjected to high safety standards, Durlopp Adler has developed a series of truly high-tech modular platforms intended for industrial sewing.

In particular, we mention the numerical control machines (CNC Units) of the 911 series, in which manual operations are enormously rationalized and enhanced by electronic aid; the modular workstations (Durkopp Adler 550-D800), an advanced and future-oriented sewing system, based on process reliability and monitoring of sewing operations to ensure faster and more effective production processes; the futuristic Delta e-Con, a fully digitalized series of flatbed and cylindrical arm machines with modular controls and flexible interfaces.

How much do Durkopp machine spare parts cost?

Being among the most requested and widespread, spare parts for Durkopp Adler sewing machines can be easily found on the market.

Understandably, prices vary depending on the type of spare part requested and the retailer’s stock availability. For example, small components such as springs, screws, washers or Durkopp capsules involve a minimal expense, while for feet, hinges, plates and hooks the price is already starting to reach several tens of euros. The expense becomes more burdensome, obviously, for spare parts for engine parts and control panels.

Fitex, a company specialized for almost half a century in the trade and production of spare parts, mechanical parts, accessories and complex solutions for the textile sector, can boast over 50,000 items in stock and guarantees rapid delivery, advanced technical consultancy and total support for its clients. For this reason, we recommend that you contact us directly to request the spare part for Durkopp Adler machines you are looking for and receive a personalized quote and our specialized assistance.

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