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Lubricants and Sprays for Sewing Machines

The best solutions on the market to keep every type of industrial and domestic sewing machine in optimal condition, ensuring long-lasting and reliable performance.

Our Selection of Lubricants and Sprays

Industrial sewing machines operate in demanding conditions and often work for extended periods of time.
Proper lubrication is essential to ensure the correct functioning of all moving parts.
Fitex’s catalog of lubricants is formulated to withstand the demands of an industrial environment, reducing friction, wear, and the risk of overheating. This results in extended machine durability and reduced maintenance costs over time.

Technical Products for Every Need

From stain removers to industrial embroidery products, from silicones to cleaners: our selection includes solutions capable of providing long-lasting lubrication to sliding and protected moving parts.
The lubricants withstand the high temperatures generated during intensive use and minimize the need for reapplication.

Our entire range of cleaners is suitable for all types of metal and textile surfaces, as well as the entire offering of stain removers used in the textile cleaning industry.

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Fitex specializes in the trade and production of spare parts, mechanical components, accessories, and complex solutions for the textile industry. With over 50,000 original and non-original items in stock, Fitex guarantees fast delivery, advanced technical consultancy, and comprehensive support for its customers.

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