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Industrial Juki sewing machine: features, models, spare parts prices

Among the world leaders in the sewing machine sector, Juki Corporation is a Japanese company founded in 1945 in Tokyo. In the 1950s the production of models for industrial use began, immediately distinguishing itself for its extreme attention to technological innovations.

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Industrial Juki sewing machine: features, models, spare parts prices

Among the world leaders in the sewing machine sector, Juki Corporation is a Japanese company founded in 1945 on the banks of the Tana River, in the Tokyo conurbation. Initially engaged in the construction of sewing machines for domestic use, it began producing models for industrial use as early as the 1950s, immediately distinguishing itself for its extreme attention to technological innovations. An approach that has allowed Juki to become a global giant in the sector capable of selling its models in 170 countries spread across all continents. In Italy there is an office of the group in Lainate (Milan), with a team dedicated to customer service in Italian to provide assistance to customers present in our national territory.

Features of a Juki sewing machine

The company slogan “Juki Smart Solutions” already suggests the philosophy behind the production: providing customers with products of the highest quality, technological innovation and personalized services.

Juki sewing machines, in fact, stand out for their high degree of sophistication, thanks to their reliable components, integrated low-consumption motors, the use of Information Technology systems and electronic functions. The range of Juki offers constantly aims to respond to the continuous, demanding and changing demands of the market, producing models capable of combining reliability, safety, productivity and comfort.

What are the main Juki machine models?

Juki produces and distributes models of mechanical and electronic sewing machines for domestic use and industrial applications, with a range of offerings capable of satisfying every type of request. The Juki catalog includes single- or double-needle lockstitch sewing machines, column and long-arm sewing machines, zigzag sewing machines, decorative stitching machines, buttonhole machines, eyelet machines and bartack machines. For more complex industrial applications, Juki has designed more sophisticated computerized cycle models and specific devices to be applied to them to interconnect the sewing station to the production management system (Industry 4.0 Devices).

Given the vastness of the proposal, we propose below a selection of the main Juki models categorized according to their characteristics and main intended uses.

Sewing machines for the heavy sewing industry

Used mainly in the clothing and leather goods sectors, they are machines capable of sewing thick and resistant materials, such as denim, waxed canvas and leather, with precision and reliability. Equipped with robust bottom and top loading systems, they are used for the production of jackets, bags, belts and other leather accessories (Juki DDL-8700, Juki DDL-9000 and Juki DNU-1541), or for sewing multi-layer materials for components of furniture (Juki LU-2810-7).

For the footwear sector, the Juki MF-7923 model is particularly suitable, equipped with specific functions for sewing shoe linings. The Juki AMS-251 model, however, stands out for its special programs for decorative stitching, hand hems and automated stitching on technical fabrics.

Sewing machines for stretch fabrics

For working on elastic fabrics, such as knits and jersey, we recommend the Juki MO-1000, Juki MCS-1500 and Juki MO-6700S models: three overlock sewing machines equipped with peculiar features, such as differential feeding for uniform stitching and resistant.

Sewing machines for decorative stitching

For these more specific processes, Juki has focused heavily on highly technologically equipped models. In particular, the Juki HZL-DX7 model is a computerized sewing machine that offers a wide range of decorative stitches and advanced features for creative sewing. It is suitable for sewing hobby and custom clothing making.

Thanks to the large work area and special features, however, the Juki TL-2200QVP and the Juki TL-2010Q are ideal for creating decorative stitching on quilting and patchwork projects. Quilting is the art of sewing layers of fabric and wadding together to create a single fabric (blankets, duvets, etc.); Patchwork is the harmonious sewing of patches and pieces of fabric to create original artefacts.

High-tech devices for Industry 4.0

Special mention should be made of the special devices that Juki has designed for connecting its computerized cycle programmable sewing machine models (Juki Smart Solution) with production management software. By taking advantage of the internet, sewing stations are now able to exchange data in real time with the operators who manage production flows, raising the productivity bar to levels never known before.

By implementing the latest sector regulations, Juki Italia has developed two types of specific workstations for bidirectional operator-production system control:

  • CPS IoT Ready 4.0 Cobra Cable, capable of integrating Juki Smart Solution machines with a digital bidirectional conversation through a specific cable;
  • CPS IoT Ready 4.0 Digital I/O, controlled by means of sensors that verify and monitor the machine’s work cycle.

The main feature of these stations is the real-time monitoring of the machine and work operations through an IoT CPS (networked cyber-physical systems) and the ability to integrate the machine with factory IT systems using standard protocols (MQTT) and IP addresses. Furthermore, the developed system includes the supply of bar code readers for the identification of the leader and the operator.

How much do spare parts for Juki machines cost

Being a global giant in the sector, spare parts for Juki sewing machines are widely and easily available on the market.

It is more than understandable that prices vary based on the type, quality and stock availability of the supplier or retailer.

To avoid making rash purchases that risk not being useful to your cause, we recommend that you contact a qualified and reliable retailer.

At Fitex we specialize in standard and original spare parts, non-original spare parts, accessories and the configuration of workstations. With experience gained in over 40 years of activity, supported by an assorted warehouse that can boast more than 50 thousand pieces, we can guarantee you all the specialized pre- and post-sales assistance you need and very rapid shipment of the order.

Contact us directly to request the spare part for Juki machines you are looking for and receive a personalized quote.

Andrea Ferroli

Nadia Leonarduzzi

(images from: https://www.juki.it/jukifamiglia/index.php/it/home)

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